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  • What will help me lose weight?
    Well, there are so may things that can help aid in weight loss! We have a multitude of options suited for the preference of the customer depending on their targeted results, ranging from supplemental to liquid options to fit the budget. The first thing is to make sure you are eating healthy foods, drinking the recommended amount of water daily (half your body weight in ounce), and exercising regularly. Then, we would recommend some supplements including, senna, CLA, CLA extreme, and other things, please submit a contact form for more details on how to use the items and what will specifically work for your body.
  • What Supplements Help With Energy?
    • B12 • Ginseng • Royal Jelly • Goji Berry • Ashwagandha • Maca • And More!
  • What Can I Take To Help With Bowel Movements?
    Senna!!! Senna is a natural laxative. Senna helps flush the waste that has been sitting in your colon out! It helps relieve constipation, flushes the colon, helps eliminate waste, and smoothes the appearance of belly fat. Senna can be found in tea, capsules and inside 3 Ballerina tea and Smooth Move teas.
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