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Also known as starweed and stitchwort, chickweed is a weedy, groundcover plant that is found just about everywhere on the planet. Its common name is a reference to the fact that wild game birds and domestic chickens eat the young leaves and seeds, although cows, rabbits and pigs also forage on it. People enjoy the fresh leaves in salads, use the dried to make teas and tinctures and the powdered herb as a dietary supplement.

Chickweed Powder, 1/4 lb

  • Chickweed, so-named because chickens forage on it, is an annual ground cover found in abundance throughout Europe and North America.

    Often considered a nuisance weed, this lawn invader is high in several nutrients, including iron, vitamin C and B vitamins. Powdered chickweed herb is encapsulated or sprinkled into smoothies and cooked foods.

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