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There are more than 150 species of gentians, the majority of which favor mountainous regions in various parts of the world. Gentiana lutea, more commonly referred to as yellow gentian, is specific to the Pyrenees and Alpines of Europe. The long, thick, yellow-brown root is harvested for its bitter principles. At one time, yellow gentian was used in beer brewing. Along with sweet flag, the root is a component of the famous Stockton herbal bitters. A simple, DIY formula consists of brandy infused with dried gentian root, orange peel and crushed cardamom pods.

Gentian Root c/s, 1/4lb

  • Gentian root, also referred to as Yellow Gentian, Bitterwort and Devil's Taint, is a European native herb once used in beer brewing like hops.

    The root is also a featured ingredient in traditional herbal bitters, most notably the Angostura Bitters produced in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Since the formula is only known to a few people still living, you'll have to experiment with our dried gentian root to make your own herbal bitters and tea blends.

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