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Art Deco was extremely popular in the 1920’s and 30’s. It is characterized by a sleekness and fashionable design. Everything seemed to be geometrically pleasing. Many thought there was something inviting in the art style and many buildings today share the inspired look. Aromar’s Glass Deco Touch Oil Burner is inspired by this movement. The five soothing colors compliment the geometric style effortlessly, and the lightbulb works perfectly to activate the fragrance or essential oils of your customers’ desires.You can use oils or scented waxes.


  • The lightbulb turns on, and as it’s left on the lightbulb starts to heat up. This heat isn’t extremely hot, but it’s enough to warm the scented oils enough to experience their therapeutic benefits. It is great for yoga, meditative practices, or simply to freshen up the smell of a certain area at home.

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