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Horehound, sometimes called white horehound, is a member of the mint family that thrives in pastures and other wayside places all over Europe, Asia and parts of Africa, although it is now naturalized in North America and elsewhere. The herb was well known to the ancient Romans and Egyptians, the latter of whom called the plant Seed of Horus or Bull's Blood. Because the plant is considered one of the bitter aromatic herbs, it is often found in natural syrups and lozenges, sometimes in combination with marshmallow, mullein or licorice root. Horehound is also used in herbal tea blends and to make liquid extracts.

Horehound c/s, 1/4lb

  • Horehound, also called white horehound, is a perennial member of the mint family that is native to Africa, Asia and Europe now naturalized elsewhere, including North America.

    Because the herb contains a high degree of mucilage, it is typically prepared as tea. Horehound is also used to make syrups and throat lozenges.

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