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This synergistic blend of traditional yet hard to find herbs has now been combined to treat the maladies of a modern lifestyle. It contains a strong line-up of herbs that have been shown individually in clinical studies to improve erections, reduce penis rigidly, increase sperm volume, concentration, and motility, and lead to more sex.  Find your confidence again. Get Rid of Performance Anxiety.


All-Natural Ingredients powerfully boost blood flow so you can get a harder, thicker and longer erection, faster than you ever have. Natural Libido Tonic serves as an effective remedy for a plethora of conditions for men. Able to promote ideal sexual function and ensure vigor and vitality.  Natural Libido Tonic is a beverage of unsurpassed quality. Crafted stateside in mall artisinal batches, this blend of tonicifying, regenerative, and cleansing herbs combine to effectively support the reproductive system in its overall health by ridding the body of commonplace conditions known to decrease drive and perfomance. Enjoy EVERY aspect of you rlife today by adding MIGHY Natural Libido Tonic to your health sustaining routine.



An additional $3 is added due to shipping costs

Natural Libido Tonic - 16oz


    One ounce two times a day before meal.


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