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Our Organic Fair Trade Blackstrap Molasses offers a rich, full-bodied and robust flavor that perfectly complements gingerbread, cookies, bran muffins, chili, BBQ sauce and more.

Made with Care
Made during the initial phase of our Organic Fair Trade Sugar production in Paraguay, this is a rich, full-bodied blackstrap molasses that’s naturally gluten-free, vegan and kosher. A terrific brown sugar substitute, blackstrap molasses is rich in nutrients, including vitamin B6, potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium.


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Positive Impact
Our Blackstrap Molasses is Fair Trade Certified, and Fair Trade premiums go directly to the farming communities that grow and harvest the sugarcane. These premiums help to provide education, healthcare, community infrastructure and more

Organic Fair Trade Molasses

  • Organic Fair Trade Molasses

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