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Paprika is a colorful spice made from ground bell or chili peppers. In addition to adding vibrant color to deviled eggs, salads, potatoes and other foods, paprika bears the full flavor of its “parent” pepper. While the spice is used all over the world, it is essential to Hungarian and Spanish cuisines. The flavor profile of paprika – which can range from hot to smoky or sweet -- depends on the species and variety of pepper from which it is obtained as well as the region in which it is grown and how it is processed. Hungarian paprika, for instance, has a sweet flavor compared to Spanish paprika, which has a smoky, woody flavor because it is dried under smoldering oak.


Paprika Powder (Domestic), 1/4 lb

  • Paprika is made from dried and ground varieties of chili pepper or bell pepper, or a combination thereof.

    The spice adds vibrant color and a smoky flavor to foods that can be intensified by heating briefly in oil. While most Americans think of paprika as a garnish, it also provides wonderful seasoning for soups, stews, potatoes and egg and cheese dishes. Paprika can also be added to henna to enhance color.

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