• THE ORIGINAL EXTRA STRENGTH CLEANSER - Developed in 1991 to provide immediate cleansing using Releasegels. ReleaseGel is an exclusive proprietary technology that allows our softgels to be broken down much quicker by your digestive system than capsules or tablets.
  • MADE IN GMP FACILITIES AND LABORATORIES IN THE USA - All Puriclean products are manufactured in a GMP certified facility and laboratory
  • 100% NATURAL, 100% SAFE - Safe and effective way to cleanse your body of unwanted toxins.
  • EASY TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS - Simply take the enclosed 2 ReleaseGels. Fill 32 oz bottle with water. Drink the entire contents. Drink plenty of water throughout day, and urinate frequently for fast cleansing. Directions also included on the packaging of the product
  • REACH PEAK DETOXIFICATION IN 1 HOUR - Fully cleanse the body of toxins in just one hour


  • Avoid food at least 3 hours before using product & while cleansing.

    Refrain from toxins before & after starting your cleanse.