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Shepherd's purse received its whimsical name because of the triangular or heart-shaped seed pods resemble miniature purses that shepherds were once known to carry their valuables in while tending their flocks on the field. This member of the cabbage family has a long history of use as food in Asia. In Japan, it is among the herbs used to make the traditional rice porridge dish prepared in celebration of Nanakusa no sekku, or the "Festival of Seven Herbs". In Korea, where the herb is known as naengi, the roots are used to make a traditional dish of mixed vegetables called namul. Shepherd's purse is also tinctured or prepared as tea and is used in making cosmetics.

Shepherd's Purse c/s, 1/4 lb

  • Shepherd’s Purse, also known as shepherd's bag, lady's purse. witches' pouches and pick-pocket, is so-named because the plant bears triangular-shaped seed pods that resemble dangling purses.The herb is used for culinary purposes in Asia, where it is often found in wonton fillings and in rice cakes. The herb is also tinctured, added to tea blends or infused in oil for use in making topical ointments and salves..

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