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What is wild yam root? Wild yam root comes from the tuberous wild yam plant native to North America and some parts of Central America and Asia. Also known as Yuma, African nyami, Chinese yam, rheumatism root and devil’s bones, the tuberous roots of wild yam have a long history of use in China and Mexico. Because the plant contains diosgenin, it is traditionally formulated into extracts and topical creams. We offer both cut and sifted and wild yam root powder when you are ready to buy while yam root.

Wild Yam Root c/s, 1/4 lb

  • Wild Yam, also known as Colic Root, is a perennial vine with a long history of use by indigenous peoples of North and Central Americas. It is also poorly understood, even today. Although the plant contains diosgenin, a compound used to make the first birth control pills, it cannot be converted to progesterone without the assistance of a lab technician so it is not biologically active in the body.

    The dried wild yam root is used to produce decoctions and tinctures, as well as infusions for topical use.

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